Recently, People Generation’s president Yusi An was invited to China by People Generation’s partner company, Sichuan PG Salient Cultural Trade Company. Together, alongside PG Salient’s lantern manufacturing branch, Zigong Bosswell Culture and Arts Co. Ltd, People Generation and PG Salient are helping bridge the cultural gaps between the two respective countries.

PG Salient and Bosswell are helping create jobs and flourish the rich cultural economics of Zigong. Overall efforts have helped produce more than 100 temporary positions annually for the production and development of the joint festival, Magical Winter Lights.


Now in its 3rd year, Magical Winter Lights Houston was the talk of the town on August 2nd, when the three companies met in Chengdu, Sichuan’s capital, for their first ever cultural exchange conference for Magical Winter Lights. Alongside the CEOs and presidents of each company were supporting government organizations and their officials—all emceed by popular China Global Television Network news anchor Tony Zhong.

The event garnered excellent media coverage by national and regional Chinese news outlets, both print and digital–a successful first cultural exhibition and conference for both People Generation and PG Salient.


Yusi An spoke on People Generation’s integrated marketing efforts here in Houston, Texas that successfully promotes Magical Winter Lights across multiple platforms. And with “the U.S. as [our] playground”, Yusi An doesn’t plan on stopping there, as plans for expansion are in the midst.

Stay tuned with People Generation for more news to come!

People Generation Visits China on First-Ever Cultural Exhibition
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