The Project

People Generation teamed up with Mycotoo, an L.A. based entertainment development company, to bring to life Alice in Winterland - The Queen Mary’s Chill latest exhibit that brings a holiday twist to the classic Lewis Carroll story. Alice in Winterland’s 2016 debut aimed to story-tell through "the magic of an interactive, immersive, 14,000-square foot experience."

The Goal

Mycotoo’s vision was to journey visitors into Alice’s enchanting world through dazzling sights and colors. From the Halls of Doors to the White Rabbit’s Kitchen, every scene needed to feel magical. Our goal was to turn their vision into reality by creating larger-than-life lanterns that transported guests “down the rabbit hole” as the story unfolded before them.


The Outcome

Our team took Mycotoo's blueprints and made them come alive with over 100 beautifully customized, hand-detailed lanterns that set the scene for Alice in Winterland. 



Alice in Winterland Photo Gallery 


All photos courtesy of The Queen Mary site.